Just a little Sunday something, for the galactic hearts… start the week off right. #ABC


I honor virtue

• This is a reminder to keep your spiritual “scale” balanced.

• Keep a calm mind

• Control your emotions

• Breathe

• Remember that love are the highest truths

• Keep an open heart

• Stay strong in the face of adversity

• You can dissolve any fear by facing it head on bc the only way past fear is through it .

• Remember that all darkness can be transmuted into light , by letting your own light shine bright .


I listen to opposing opinions

• This is a reminder that in order for growth to occur you must appreciate disparity.

• Experience is what allows us to become one with love.

• Choose inquiry over inflammation

• Choose appreciation over anger

• Never forget that thorns are no less part of the rose than it’s petals .


I invoke laughter

• it’s time for you to acknowledge the inner child within your soul.

• Know that it is ok to be silly.

• Know that it is fun to be funny.

• Do NOT overthink / over analyze everything.

• Laughter is what we need in times of pandemonium and controversy.

• Open the portal of laughter for it is where we find comfort in life’s extreme moments – personalities .

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