SOTGH’s Closing Karmic Cycles Spell

This recipe will help those who wish to close out karmic cycles regarding love, finances, limited beliefs, etc.

Added items: White jar candle (10 day candle would work best but if not, be sure to have a candle lit for 10 days consecutively, uninterrupted), paper, pen, purification oil, rose quartz or clear quartz, a glass bowl

1. To prepare the candle and write intentions, bless your space by clearing out any energies that can interfere with intention setting.

2. With the jar candle, bless the candle with rose, cinnamon, and mugwort herbs and add a few drops of the purification oil. It is suggested that you are in prayer while making the candle so affirm your intentions while preparing the candle.

3. With the pen and paper, bless the corners of the paper with oil to set intention and write on the paper.

4. With your dressed candle, place the candle in a glass bowl filled with moon water.

5. When it is time to initiate the prayer, have your 10 pennies in hand.

6. After every prayer, place or gently toss one penny into the water, and place the affirmation under the rose/clear quartz for added energy.

This should be done for 10 days, as the number 10 represent the completion of a cycle.

Added tip: I would make tea from the mugwort and moon water to help with the shadow work needed for the intentions to set.

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