Sexual Energy Clearing For Women

We will talk about something very important today called Sexual Energy Clearing. Although, lately this topic has been brought up from a different perspective encouraging to do the opposite of what should be done, sadly. We will talk about sexual energy exchange, sexual energy clearing, and how it affects women tremendously.

If I knew all of these things years ago, I would have done many things differently. If I ever have a daughter, I will raise her up with the importance of this knowledge and its practical application in everyday life. So, let’s see what is happening here.

Energy Exchange Between Man and Woman

We come into this world, we receive our gross physical body (what we see in the mirror) and our subtle body (our thoughts, energy, and mind). We receive all of these bodies to experience the unconditional love here on Earth through interaction with each other. On a subtle level, we exchange energies every time – with everyone and everything. Men and women have energy exchanges daily. It happens just by looking at each other, talking to each other, thinking about each other, however, men and women have differences in the way they project that energy. It happens when we do our nails, tattoos, haircuts, facials. And of course, it happens when we have sex.

In fact, during sexual encounters, this exchange is THE STRONGEST and very powerful. So powerful, that energy and particles of the subtle body of a previous partner stay in a woman’s subtle body for about seven years.


That means, if you break up with someone, you are still connected to them seven years after that. Now, here different sources say different things: some say this connection feeds off of every new partner, and you can’t completely clear yourself unless you are celibate for seven years in a row. Others say this seven-year period is only tied to a specific partner.

If you break up with someone, you are still connected to them seven years after that.

Whatever that is, the fact of the matter is – we remain connected, and as a result – we keep feeding each other, unnecessary. To be more precise, and the way energy exchange works between man and woman – man feeds off of a woman, usually. Because a woman’s psyche and subtle body are much more delicate and in relationships, she is a receiving party.

Issues From Multiple Partners

Now, can you imagine what happens if a woman had multiple partners? And what happens if she is into open relationships? Or even tantric practices with other people? (Yes, there is not just fun but the danger there). Once a woman had 5-7 sexual partners, that already blocks her sexual energy and sexual chakra, Swadhistana.

This, in turn, manifests as various female issues such as:

♦ female diseases and health issues

♦ inability to have long steady relationships based on love and mutual support

♦ inability to have children

♦ difficulty starting a family and attracting a good partner (men can feel this “foreign” energy very well)

♦ issues with health, intellect and ethical qualities of a future child

♦ divorces

♦ internal emptiness

♦ lack of energy

♦ lack of creativity and motivation

So, any sexual intercourse, with love or not, creates the strongest bond, even after just one time. During intercourse, there is a very deep and powerful exchange of subtle bodies of partners, and karmic exchange as well. And it does not matter if you are no longer together. That means that seven years after breaking up with a partner, a woman still deals with the karmic tasks of her previous lover, in addition to her own. She basically gives him her feminine power, on a subtle level. And that means she won’t have enough for herself. And of course, she won’t have enough for her actual right partner.

What Happens Once You Cleared Yourself Of Another’s Sexual Energy

So what do we do? That does not sound fun. If this is the first time you hear about it – don’t panic. It may already explain a few things in your life, which is a great first step to understanding that it is very important to clear yourself from it. And here is where I can share some tips and tricks that I know and did myself, and – it worked. And it also worked for many other women, and there is hope. So, don’t worry. Just keep moving to the next step.

Before I jump into things you can do to clear yourself, here is what happens after you start clearing yourself. You can start feeling on a physical and emotional level: you’ll have more energy, your life circumstances change, you start new projects, your life generally gets lighter, brighter, and easier. If you do that while already being in relationships, you would both feel as if you just met and you have a honeymoon all over again. That happens because you technically annul and revoke your sexual energy and make it clean from everything. So existing relationships will feel like brand new.

Here are a few more pleasant things that you can get from clearing past sexual energy:

◊ internal purity and serenity

◊ self-love and self-respect

◊ newly discovered respect and love from your partner (men truly value woman’s purity, especially because it is so rare nowadays)

◊ ability and power to attract – everything and everyone

◊ the chance for having a happy family

◊ improvement of female health

◊ chance to have healthy children

◊ understanding of your feminine nature

◊ rediscovered creative potential

◊ improvement of your destiny

◊ an overall feeling of lightness and happiness

◊ satisfying sexual life and bright orgasms

◊ love of your body and sensuality

◊ ability to enjoy and have pleasure every moment in life

How To Clear Sexual Energy From The Past

How can we get all of those wonderful amazing things? Well, there are many various ways out there. And I would highly encourage you to research and find some that would resonate with you. There are many techniques that you can find within your own culture and religion, and if you feel like it might work – do it. Generally, practices and techniques include prayers, mantras, rituals, cleansing with elements of nature, meditations, writing letters.

It has to be a truly strong desire from the bottom of your heart, and it is probably the most important thing. You should really want to clear yourself, to ask for forgiveness, to forgive yourself and others, to want to repent (religiously or non-religiously). Another strong way to clear yourself is long-term celibacy, for at least a year or longer. And the strongest way is to truly and unconditionally love your previous partners and thank them for being your teachers. Which is usually the hardest.

Every single person in our life is here for a reason, everyone is our teacher. And our sexual partners are our greatest teachers. So we should be extremely grateful for each of them, and for the lessons, they brought to us. Once you feel that and thank God or Creator for bringing this person into your life, this is when you start truly releasing yourself from that connection. If you keep feeling aggression or anger towards your past partner, your new partner will feel it, and won’t be able to stay for very long. Because this is the aggression towards masculine energy, that EVERY man has inside. The same would work for the opposite gender, actually.

Nature Elements Technique

What are other things you can do?

Clearing with Nature elements. This is good when you don’t want to engage in any prayers or mantras that do not resonate with you. In this case, you can ask for help from all four of them. 

1. First, start with inviting a partner that you want to completely disconnect with and clear yourself off. Once you visualize him, you might notice connections as cords, ropes, or chains between you two. These are the connections we need to remove. Notice where you are connected in your body. Usual areas – genitals, heart, or head.

2. Now, imagine the nature element and ask for help. You can start with Water and take a real shower or imagine yourself under a waterfall and ask for it to clear you from this connection. Don’t forget to visualize really good how those connections wash away and disappear.

3. Focus on Fire and how you step into a giant bonfire, or maybe you look at the candle. Visualize how it burns the connection off.

4. Concentrate on Earth, and burying yourself in it. Visualize how the connection dissolves in the Earth and underground. Mother Earth takes it away from you and recycles for good. Don’t forget to thank Mother Earth for doing it.

5. Imagine Air, and how it blows out all the connections. You can do so by standing outside on a windy day and let your hair lose, visualizing how all the connections blow away from you.

A Few More Steps On The Path To Clearing Sexual Energy

6. The last step is to thank your partner for coming into your life and ask him to leave you, or step away from yourself. You should be able to see how the image of your previous partner becomes fainter and smaller until it disappears completely.

7. Take note of how you feel. Send some love and warm light to the places in your body where you had connections. This will heal the energetic wounds that were created.

8. Thank all of the elements and end the practice.

You can do that as many times as needed with one person, or just one time per each person. You will intuitively know when it is enough. And this is how you can check if it was enough or not, or if you even need to clear yourself from that person.

How To Check If Your Past Relationships Sexual Energy Has Cleared

1. Imagine a partner you broke up with.

2. Find at least 10 reasons to be thankful for them.

3. Say “I am letting you go with Love and Gratitude. I am wishing you greatest Happiness with another woman/partner”.

Were you able to clear sexual energy from your past easily, sincerely, with a light heart and a clear mind? Did you feel the wave of energy and release at the end? If yes, then your relationship has truly ended. If not or you could not even finish these steps because you immediately felt anger, hurt, or disappointment, or you thought of contacting them and wanting to see how they are doing – you are still very much connected and need to disconnect. You don’t want to keep a connection with someone you are no longer together with. It simply occupies someone else’s place. Remember it.

Most importantly, stay free, healthy, and loved.


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