How To Work With Your Ancestors & Why You Should.

Learning the history of your ancestors is important. Don’t be one of those people who refuse to dig deep into their families history because of things they’ve heard about certain family members of the past. Don’t turn away from working with your ancestors because of the experiences they had while living . Even if you don’t feel closely connected with your physical family, you can find a connection with your ancestral family and heal that relation which can bring healing to other relationships and yourself.

What most people fail to realize, is that after you leave this world, none of that shit “ we think” we know about them matters. They will ALWAYS work with you. Our ancestors work with us based on their knowledge and skills in certain areas which they work closely with you for the purpose that aligns with their expertise. You’re ancestors are there to work with you, and on your behalf for whatever , whenever. BELIEVE IT. For ex. Just because your ancestors were Christians , and you chose a different route , doesn’t meant they’re pitying you, refusing to work with you, and even if your ancestors weren’t religious, you came from them , they want what’s best for you. Working with ancestors can help heal cyclic patterns inherited through generations.

If you feel there’s a cyclic pattern, addiction or behaviour that is passed down from generation to generation, your ancestors can help to work with you to realize these patterns and to heal what has stemmed likely from an ancestor.

They celebrate every time you dig deep, learn about them, and put in work to heal the very things they struggled with. Talk to them on the daily bases . Show gratitude. Give them offerings. Doing this, they will provide you with guidance , wisdom and messages to help you in your everyday life . If they had not existed, we wouldn’t be. Working with ancestors have proven to be rewarding and spiritual fulfilling. I love working with my ancestors, it is through them , that I’m able to get a word through to God.

Ways to work with & Honor Our Ancestors:

•Spend time in meditation with your ancestors and allow yourself to be receptive to their presence.

•If you read intuitively, you may feel a shift in the energy or tone of the messages that are received.

•reserve a candle , specifically to honor your ancestors. These can be lit at anytime.

•set a extra plate out during holidays, or when you’ve cooked an ancestors favorite meal.

•make an alter, to include your ancestors in your Magickal workings.

•make a shrine to honor your ancestors. Use alcohol libations, food, tobacco, incense. Place a cloth over the shelf or table and display photos of your deceased relatives, add crystals, flowers, keepsakes, heirlooms, family antiques or whatever you wish to make it special to you.

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