Mercury Retrograde Survival Tips

1.Double-check everything that is written

Mercury rules over the written word and during a retrograde our interpretations can get jumbled and messed up. It is very easy for us to overlook errors and mistakes or to overlook important factors. Be sure to double, if not triple check every important document before you sign it or send it off.

2. Do not make any serious commitments

This can be in relation to your relationships, or even just social or professional commitments. Your ability to discern will be almost nonexistent and making a well-informed decision whether the commitment is suited for you or not is almost impossible. Rather wait for the Mercury retrograde period to end before you tie yourself to something.

3. Avoid gossiping

Mercury rules all forms of communication, including the spoken word. Misinterpretations are the norm during Mercury retrograde and it is best to keep your mouth shut about other people and keep most of your thoughts and opinions to yourself during this time. Chances are if you say something about someone, a case of broken telephone can occur and you can land yourself in some serious trouble.

4. Do not make any major or important purchases

Shipping is governed by Mercury and ordering anything online during this time is discouraged. Chances are if you make an expensive purchase it might break in shipping or there could be other complications that occur that will make you regret making the purchase in the first place. Rather hold up and wait for the retrograde period to end before you proceed with any significant or expensive purchases, just to be safe.

5. Get your vehicle checked if you are traveling often

When Mercury retrogrades it is advised not to embark on long-distance travel. Even short-distance travel can be risky! Try to delay your travels for after the retrograde period, however, if you have no choice, ensure that your car is in tip-top shape in order to avoid any breakdowns. If you have travel plans, maybe reschedule them as chances are your flight can get delayed or even worse, canceled.

6. Think twice when it comes to new (or old) love

Making new commitments and pursuing new relationships with people should be held off until after the retrograde. There might be personality traits and habits in someone whom you might see as a potential lover that you do not notice, and these unobserved traits can be a deal breaker. Wait until Mercury has gone direct before you pursue anybody new, or consider taking a relationship to the next step.

An ex-lover from your past might re-appear. If this happens, avoid paying too much attention to them. Remember that there is a reason why they are in your past, and opening an old can of worms is not always worth it.

7. Do not take things too personally and think before you speak

During Mercury retrograde, it’s almost as if everybody is suffering from ADHD, with hundreds of thoughts going through their minds each minute. Sometimes we tend to just blabber out what is in our mind at that time and we don’t think twice before we speak. Be careful of this and if somebody said something offensive during this time maybe wait until the retrograde is over before you address it with them as misunderstandings can easily happen.

8. Do some mental and physical decluttering

Mercury is the fastest moving planet in the zodiac, and a retrograde can really cause you to think very fast. The least “junk” or “garbage” you have in your mind, the easier it will be to speed through the thoughts. Do some meditation, and try and force the negative thoughts out of your mind, and do some decluttering around the house to help you think clearer. When you are surrounded by clutter, externally or internally, it can make your mind cluttered.

9. Take your time, or you might have to re-do most things

During this time we can tend to rush over things, and our level of impatience gets increased. We can be inclined to want to get everything done as soon as possible, and this almost always leads to mistakes. If you are going to rush through anything during this retrograde, you are going to waste your time by having to re-do it because you were not focused enough.

10. Back it up!

Electronic devices such as cell phones, appliances, and computers tend to give more issues and errors during Mercury-Retrograde . Be sure to back up all your vital data and information as the likelihood of your electronics giving you unexpected issues and you losing valuable stored files is increased significantly.

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