Why healing your ancestral lineage is important no matter what you “think” you know or what you “heard”about it.

“What you heal within yourself, you heal within your entire bloodline.”

Humanity has lost its way in honoring and healing ancestral pain and trauma, and it is our duty to move in and restore this sense of dignity.

Don’t back down or be afraid because of what someone told you or what you think you know about your lineage.

Releasing yourself from ancestral pain and trauma is not going to be easy. You’re going to have more ugly days than pretty , trust me… but it’s all necessary and very important. First step is acknowledging that it is not just about you . You are doing the work for your entire bloodline , both past , present& future.

I grew up hearing my grandmother and mother talk about breaking generational curses and bondages, and how they hinder us from being our best self. I can’t tell you how many times heard them say “keep living, you’ll see it again” and again, I saw. This isn’t just for you . On the journey to healing your bloodline , there’s no room for ego.

Healing comes from deep down inside of your heart. You are working on their behalf to banish all abandonment, lack of self love , rejection issues and more. It takes commitment and time , you have to be ready . are you all in ? Let’s go.

True enough , we are all born with with inherited issues , from both sides, we can either ignore it or step up and do something about it, to allow the healing that is needed.

If you’re tired of seeing it , change it!

Leftover energy from the pain and trauma our ancestors endured will remain until there is healing. It is very important to establish a relationship with your ancestors and to work with them , acknowledging their unfulfilled experiences, stories as well as struggles that they are waiting to be freed from .

Forget what they told you , Do the work.

Heal from the root out.

If we break the chain of addiction, violence or other inherited, limiting beliefs, our children and their children and those who follow them are given access to possibilities not available to the ancestors. And thus, the entire lineage evolves.

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