Mystery Mystic Visit

So, here I am at 4:44 A.M. had another vivid, and interesting dream that I had this morning. I love the fact that I can remember every important message, as well as describe what I see, to a T. This morning’s dream was different from the others. I only remember 2 things about it , yet those 2 go hand in hand.

I won’t go into details about it ,but I’ll give you all as much as I can at the moment about my dream, I still have some interpreting to do, I promise to update you all at a later time. My dream took place inside of my childhood home. I remember walking into my parents room, opening up a closet (that has shelves) and seeing a stack of tarot cards fall over. I remember feeling like an odd ball, the black sheep… always being talked about and criticized for having different beliefs & practicing what is called “devils work” to many . I remember telling my oldest brother that I felt as if I was being judged for being a mystic…and wanting to learn … I felt as if it wasn’t fair and it was totally hypocritical because even my parents had once lived this lifestyle, those cards were all of the proof that i needed.

*The cards*

This is the interesting part. So, I told you guys that the cards fell over when I opened the closet , right ? Of course they did . When this happened I kept digging, and I found an old vintage tarot card case , which opened like a book. This was the original case to the cards that I had just found . When I opened the case of course it was empty, but on the back, was a picture of a young, beautiful black girl. She had nice curls and a fair complexion. She was dressed as if she was from the late 1700s, early 1800s. I put the cards inside of the case ; closed it & woke up. I can still see her face in my head, the energy that I got through this girls eyes made me want to know who she was. When I woke up , I immediately opened safari and started my search. I searched “first black girl on tarot cards” and what happened next , was creepy.

After scrolling for a minute , I found her . Unbelievable. Same face , dressed the same … amazing. I’m still puzzled as to why I dreamed about these tarot cards and this important woman behind them… I’m blown away and you are about to be to. Here are a few clippings and photos that I found… enjoy.

Her name was Pamala Colman Smith, artist of the famous “Waite” tarot cards.😳

Black women have been at the helm of metaphysical practice and holistic healing for centuries; yet, this truth gets skipped over like cracked concrete.

Source : Google

Quiet is no longer an answer for the Black Witches, Spiritualists, and Magicians. Our mothers will speak from their graves and we will say their names, so they may be no longer erased.

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