We will start, again.

In the Spirit world 5D+ the battle of light and dark has been won. Your Soul has warred too many lifetimes to count. This life, the battle ends. There will be a new beginning.

When your frequency raises above 3D and 4D you move out of polarity reality. You literally rise above good/bad, dark/light, all dichotomy cease to exist. We will certainly have contrast always. It helps us navigate and manifest. Sometimes we don’t know what we want till we get what we don’t want. That’s contrast.

This life you are to be Uplifted. To ascend to a light being, where shadows no longer exist. There is only light. Light is information, illumination, dawning of Soul progression.

It’s time to realize your Divinity and the battle is an illusion between light and dark. But in 5D+ the battle is over! Now it is time for your Soul to wield the sword of light and carry a shield of Love. It will happen!

You’ve been at this battle so long you aren’t remembering what it’s like to literally rise above it merging with the Divine, a place where only Oneness exist. Lay down the heavy armor and grow into your Light.

Choose Love every chance you get. You are on the right path doing the right things. And remember…this battle is mostly an inside job. Be patient and kind with yourSelf as you release the old paradigm beliefs about polarities.

It will all unfold beautifully. Love and Light and All Things Bright

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