Top 15 Benefits of Chlorophyll

  • Enhance Overall Well-Being.
  • Oxygenates Our Body.
  • Helps Boost Energy Levels.
  • Blood-Building Properties.
  • Super Potent Antioxidant & Nutrient Rich.
  • Increases Cellular Energy Production.
  • Protects Your Liver Naturally & Improves Liver Detoxification.
  • Promotes Cleansing & Detox.

Simple “Moon Tea” Recipe

*especially for those who have periods aligned with the full moon*

What you will need :

• favorite mug

• moon water

• mint


•lemon juice


Directions :

Pour desired amount of moon water into your mug(if using microwave) , or into a tea kettle to warm (stove use)

Heat water and mint for 2 minutes

Set aside to cool off a bit

Pour water into your favorite mug

Stir in a tablespoon of honey

4 drops of lemon juice

5 drops of chlorophyll

Stir & enjoy

This will also relieve tension on your uterus , bye bye cramps !

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