How to propagate succulents

Propagating succs has to be one of my favorite things to do during this pandemic. Watching tiny babies grow from a leaf is just so magical to me … the fact that I’m able to do it is just amazing .

Here are some simple/basic instructions for propagating your succulent plant(s) .

Let’s Get Started:

Simply cut the stems to the length you want.

Peel the bottom 1/3 of the leaves off and then let those stems heal off (this is where the cut end of the stem callus over) usually happens within a few days /week. This must be done or rotting may occur.

Place the leaves in a container lined with paper towels. Make sure you keep the paper towels moist. Keep in a sunny area … (window sill, greenhouse etc.)

Roots and baby succulents should start popping up within 3 to 4 weeks.

Plant them directly in the garden or in a pot with succulent and cactus planting mix.

💕🌱🤲🏾 Happy Propagating!!

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