Galactic Heart’s “Sweet On Me” jar spell


•glass jar

•love note / intentions or just a name, handwritten on note card, or paper


•brown sugar


•black sand

•flower petals

•olive oil


•pink or red candle

•3 coins

•wand (optional) (for making circles around the flame , while reflecting on your intention)

This spell is for:

•hardheaded lovers

•lovers who don’t know what consistency is •lovers who put their friends before you

•lovers who don’t see anything wrong with neglecting your wants and needs

•lovers who see you when they want to

•lovers that you know for a fact has potential, they just need a little push in the right direction, in your direction

This spell was designed for those who feel lost, needy and stupid ….asking for time that they should’ve BEEN getting in the first place.

Enough is enough . Demand that you get what you want , from who you want , when you want it . It is written , it is so. Asé .

Special directions: There’s really nothing to it babes , just Throw all the ingredients into the jar … everything except the paper/note.

I usually carry my notes / wand in my bra for a couple of hours before doing the jar spell for energy purposes

The paper/note goes on top of the sealed jar , beneath the candle. You may use honey to keep your candle in place .

Keep water close by while working with candles 🕯

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