Fraudulent Spiritual Warriors

It’s going to be another sleepless night , so I guess I’ll touch on some stuff thats been heavy on my mind lately. I’ve blogged about spirituality before , starting a spiritual journey , but never have I discussed the spiritual frauds that we all need to look out for .

Don’t get me wrong , Facebook, ig, YouTube … all of these apps are great , very informative and needed, but we have to trust what we see/read. Just because it’s there , or just because someone looks and acts a certain way doesn’t mean that they’re genuinely that person.

There are so many fraudulent spiritual warriors out there , and they’re good . So good that we can’t really tell the difference if we aren’t very observant . I can read peoples emotions through photos , and I can also feel their vibe , through whats typed.

I’m not easily fooled but for others who don’t have these “gifts” they’re easily pursued. When I first started following my tribe , or should I say people who I thought were like me , I let a few readers read me. It’s crazy because I here I was , getting a reading and reading the reader, in my head at the same time . I could tell who was tapped in & receiving information to give me , and who was just making up bullshit for as long as I would let them.

I’m very quiet on social media now , all I do is observe because there are so many of the wrong people pretending to be legit when they aren’t . The first bad experience that I had , was when I talked to a so called “mentor” about starting my spiritual journey.

I will never forget how I explained why I do not use tarot cards , and why I don’t feel like I need crystals to heal . My reason for this was because those are just “things”, everything that I need to do my work, comes from within, and I know this because spirit told me when I was a child , I always deliver without the material bullshit.

She told me my way wasn’t the way and that I need to go pick out some tarot cards and start buying crystals to work with . My ancestors didn’t need that bullshit… so why in the hell would I ? On top of that she took my money for a reading and never came through with it .

It was that moment that I stopped caring about being a verified reader/healer… blah say blah . I will help whoever spirit tells me to help , in private . Recently ,I have been in the back , working my magic.

This witch shit is a wave now , Beyoncé got these women thinking it’s a game and It really bothers me to the point where Ive shut down and even contemplated on deleting my social media. Baby , dressing in black , buying candles & owning a few crystals doesn’t mean you’re a “witch”

Or whatever you want to call yourself . It’s more to it .

Some of us come from long lines of real healers , story tellers & dreamers …. it’s just in us . You can take our image away and we are still going to be who we are , because it’s in our blood .

There are so many money hungry imposters roaming . This is just my opinion, but I feel like the people who can actually help make this world better, the ones who really can not only heal people , but the entire world … have no place here right now .

We are silent and watching for the most part . We are in the back , chillin watching those who want to be famous gurus so baddddd, charge out the ass for spiritual classes , readings … fake ass crystals, sage etc. If you ask me those classes should be FREE because it’s what we are called to do!

Have fucking mercy on humanity ! Yet , we sit back and watch this happen everyday , disgusted and not mumbling a word … but for how much longer ? Soon this new trend of our “real lifestyle” will die down , and these frauds will move on to the next wave or back to their real lives so we can get back on our shit.

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