A city of chaos

Today , I had the opportunity to gather amongst some really amazing likeminded people on the steps of Jackson Police Department, in Jackson Mississippi. It has been over 4 years since a good friend of mine , Napoleon Edwards ( the cipher voice via fbook) took on the role of being the voice of the community.

Crime is out of control , there are murders happening all day everyday and the leadership in this states capitol has failed us by brushing it all under the rug . The citizens are crying out for help and nothing is being done . The Elderly are going without running water , and their families are coming from out of state to help assist them and they are worried sick . Not the mention the water bills , they are up in the thousands of dollars , roads are crumbling away & police officers are a bunch of sex craving dogs who can’t stop being perverts during traffic stops to save their lives !!

The mayor And the city council/officials have poured gasoline on this burning city for the last time . We are forming community groups , watching out for each other , getting people registered to vote & taking our city back by any means.

Today was a start , there is more to come .

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