Lions Gate … WIDE OPEN.

If you’re wondering what to expect during the Lions Gate it’s this: our energies will be supercharged, our creation capabilities magnified, and our manifestation powers turned way on. The Lions Gate is aligned with the heart center and embodies the Leo traits of royalty, bravery, power, and personal expression. 

This is a time to: 

  • Stand sovereignly in your innate power. 
  • Tune in, consciously, embodying the highest version of you.
  • Express your desires, with clear declaration.
  • Show up how you are meant to live, being who you are meant to be.
  • Commit to living with love, gratitude, compassion, and embrace the beauty that you see emanating from within.

I suggest practicing meditations, repeating mantras, and journaling focused on the heart chakra, and shining the light of the spiritual sun through your soul.

The heart chakra is a wellspring of love. It’s the place within you that holds the vibration of warmth, altruism, compassion, and joy. It creates connection and deeply enriching bonds with other beings. Right now the Lions Gate energy gives us the opportunity to radiant an auric glow of pure magnetism.

As your practice meditation during this time, consider envisioning being bathed in light, as you rehearse in your mind who you are at your highest state of being. Envision your future self. Envision achieving your biggest, juiciest dreams.

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