Late night w/ oracles

See my new wand ? It’s amazing 😉

You are both king and queen . Be proud yet humble , show gratitude and all your relationships will flourish as you express your worth and generosity of spirit with humility and kindness. You can be a blessing to all so stop doubting yourself , show the world what you’ve got .

You can’t go to new places with an old mindset . You have to come out of that dark place , stop asking questions like “who am I to lead?”

The answer to that is “if not you then who?” It is your calling , and until you fully trust yourself and accept that , you will continue to run into road blocks .

Do not worry about tomorrow, live today . Be in this moment , right now . Here and now you are becoming the person you wish to be and you have the experiences you wish to have . Focus your energy on the flower before you , all of your desires are being provided . Appreciate the present and you will see that you are right where you need to be .💫

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