I’m all for helping others become more intuitive…

I remember when I first started putting energy into my spiritual journey, I would be so excited on the eve and night of the 🌕. I would burn manifestation candles & put my needs and desires out into the universe… then post the pics because i felt like I couldn’t read it right , what I was seeing and thinking was all wrong. This part of the journey to me was necessary, a lesson in itself because for the first time I trusted and respected others perspectives of things …that wasn’t me at all. – lol 😆. I just want humans to know , especially those that have more time under their belt/ experience than the newbies… taking time out with them, listening to them , NOT turning down candle wax readings will not only help the new comers spirit but it will show that you were once there also, they need to know that it’s ok & that they’re on the right track . I’ve seen so many snobby bitches lately shutting these girls down , crying about too many wax photos being posted in groups etc… telling them to stop asking for readings …if you don’t want to help someone with the mindset of becoming more intuitive then don’t , just keep the fucking scrolling . There are some of us that don’t mind reading wax at 3 in the morning , I actually love interpreting wax 🧐 it ain’t like I have shit else to be doing and hell I too were there in those same exact shoes at one point and I know what doors were opened for me through the help of others and I respect that . Be mindful , not rude … how soon you forget where u came from ?…
🌕Every part of everyone’s journey matters and that’s just that on that .•Big Dot.

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