July 23- Neowise Closest to Earth

As Leo Season begins, the comet Neowise is closest to earth. Comets are believed to carry a message from the heavens that great change is preparing to unfold. 

2020 has seen so many changes already, so it will be interesting to see exactly what transpires as this comet makes its return to Earth.

Neowise visits every 6,800 years, so this is definitely a rare and special sight and probably a rare and special message too!

On an intuitive level, I feel Neowise is here to help clear fearful and toxic energy from the Earth in order to cleanse and renew the energy field of the planet. 

You can read more on Neowise here.

July 25- Mars Enters Shadow Period

This will be an important day to watch. Mars will begin slowing down from this point forward as it prepares to go retrograde later in September.

Whatever is unfolding now until this time holds a clue as to what themes the upcoming retrograde will bring. We may also begin feeling some tense energy bubbling in the undercurrents too.

Mars Retrograde is a time where we can feel a little sluggish and like we have lost our motivation, so if you have important projects you want to get done, it’s best to start making some good headway at this time.

August 2- Sun Square Uranus

While this peaks on August 2nd, it’s likely that we will feel it brewing a few days prior.

This is a time where we may feel a little shaken, or that we are walking on rocky ground. 2020 has felt that way for many, but this is a time where that could be heightened.

While our lives may feel a little shaken, this effect can also help us to awaken and reach new levels of awareness and consciousness.

Uranus is always reminding us that we have to be shaken in order to awaken.

August 3- Full Moon in Aquarius

Uranus will also be active on this Full Moon too so we may continue to see this theme of something shaking our lives in some way. 

If anything catches you by surprise, or if you feel like your life has turned upside down, try to be patient and treat it as a clue as to where the Universe is guiding you.

This is a busy Full Moon and we may feel heightened emotions at this time. Under this energy, it is best to go with the flow and try to surrender rather than control.

August 4- Mars Square Jupiter

Mars is really going to be a star player as we get into the last few months of the year. Its alignments now are going to begin laying the foundation for what is to come when it goes retrograde in September. 

This alignment with Jupiter may bring some restlessness and even irritability. If something has been troubling us, we may feel more justified in how we feel.

August 7- Venus enters Cancer

We have been working with Venus in Gemini themes since April. This unusually long stay for Venus was due to its retrograde from May to June. 

During this retrograde cycle, Venus also completed a longer 8-year cycle known as the Rose of Venus.

Now Venus is leaving Gemini and all of this energy behind and is setting out on a new adventure. 

Venus energy should feel strong on this day and being in Cancer, a lovely self-love energy will flow.

August 8- Lionsgate 88

Lionsgate 2020 is definitely going to be a supercharged time. The portal will peak from August 5-8 however, we are likely to feel it a few days before and a few days after this date. 

This portal signifies a time of heart activations, third eye awakenings, and cosmic downloads. 

More to come on this magical time of year soon!

August 13- Mars Square Pluto

As mentioned, Mars is going to be laying the foundation for the closing months of the year. Pay attention to what themes are being stirred in your life around this time for clues.

Both Mars and Pluto are intense energies and we may be noticing themes around resistance, power, control, and aggression. We may also feel the weight of the obstacles before us.

August 15- Uranus Retrograde

Another planet turns retrograde, this time it is Uranus in the sign of Taurus. Uranus will spend the rest of the year in retrograde motion, traveling through the underworld and helping us to go back over things we may have missed the first time around. 

Uranus brings change, so when it enters retrograde, it a chance for us to look over and review the changes that have unfolded in our lives. It can also help us to make peace with them too.

August 18- New Moon in Leo

The energy behind this New Moon feels very creative and light. A really nice New Moon, which brings welcoming energy. We may feel called to share a truth or to speak up, and from doing so, we may discover a new personal power.

Astrology Forcast For August

Here is your wrap up of the Astrology for August 2020:

August 2-Sun Square Uranus

Whatever has been weak or shaky in your life is likely to come crashing down. This energy is not going to take us by surprise, rather it is simply going to confirm what we have known all along. 

Sometimes we hold onto things out of fear or because they feel safe and familiar, even if we know that the time has come to let them go. 

If there is something in your life that needs to be released, this Sun Square Uranus will be a gentle tug that will help slip it from your grips and out of your life for something better to come along.

August 3- Aquarius Full Moon

The energies of yesterday’s Sun Square Uranus will also be heightened on this Aquarius Full Moon. Maybe now that our lives have been shaken, we are noticing other things and beliefs that need to be shed too. 

This is a very cleansing Full Moon that will help to shake off the cobwebs of the past. It’s time to let go, and this Full Moon will really be guiding us to release our attachment and grip to things that are no longer serving us.

August 8- Lionsgate

The Lionsgate Portal will be felt brewing as early as the 3rd and will last until the 9-10th. The Lionsgate Portal is activated by the Sun reaching the peak of Leo, the star Sirius, and the alignment of the Earth. This alignment of the Sun, Sirius, and the Earth is what activates the Lionsgate Portal.

Under this portal, high-frequency energies will be beamed into our heart chakra and third eye chakra, accelerating our growth and spiritual advancement. 

Accessing higher dimensions and our psychic abilities will come with ease, and we may even feel ourselves being energetically healed and aligned. 

Forecast for Lionsgate 2020 and ritual coming soon.

August 13- Mars Square Pluto

This is where we want to pay attention as on this day, some groundwork will be laid for the months to come. 

Mars is a very active player next month and all the way through to the end of the year. Mars is about to go retrograde too, so the alignments it is making now are things we are going to have to revisit again.

Watch what unfolds on this day on both a personal and global level, it may not make sense just yet, but during the Retrograde period, it’s likely to be revisited and revealed in a bigger way.

August 15- Uranus Retrograde

Uranus will spend the rest of 2020 in retrograde, going direct come January 2021. 

Uranus’ retrograde is a subtle movement and one that we are likely to feel on a subconscious level more than a conscious one. 

It indicates a time to go back and reflect on how we have grown over the year and to honor the changes we have overcome. 

We may also be revisiting events from early January 2020, or perhaps looking back to this time period with clarity and even grace.

August 18- New Moon in Leo

Our mind may be cast to the future and we may be wondering about how to plan for the coming years. 

This is a great New Moon for setting bold and brave intentions. There is also supportive energy to take a leap of faith and to see how we can make the most of wherever we find ourselves.

The dwarf planet, Goddess Eris will be in square alignment with Pluto too, which will help us find our strength if any shadow work arises.

August 22- Sun in Virgo

We enter the season of the independent and strong Goddess Virgo. This is a time to connect with our Divine Feminine and to remember just how powerful it is! 

The Divine Feminine has nothing to do with gender, it lives in each and every one of us, and is part of the life force of this planet. 

The Divine Feminine has a soft, flowy nature to it, but that doesn’t mean it’s also not strong and fierce.

Virgo is represented by the virgin. The Virgin is free to do as they please, when they want, and with whom they want. They don’t need a partner in order to be whole, for they are whole and complete in who they are.

The Virgin reminds us that when we listen to our inner compass, we will always have the strength and knowing to make it through whatever challenges come our way.

The Virgin is fierce, but their heart is open wide and is always lead by the power of love.

August 24- Mars Square Saturn

This is another day to watch for clues, for whatever is stirred on this day is likely something we will need to revisit again. 

Mars is the planet of action and energy, and when it goes retrograde on September 9, it is going to bring a fiery, heated energy that may see tensions escalate. 

Now, while it’s making this alignment to Saturn, we may get some clues in regards to where the tension may come from or what seeds are being planted that will lead to the lessons and growth the upcoming Mars Retrograde will bring. 

August 27- Venus Trine Neptune

While this is a subtle energy I thought I would include it because it’s magical! Trines indicate a harmony between two planets, so we have the Goddess of Love in harmony with the planet of dreams and creativity.

Together, their energy will send sweet, romantic, and creative vibes into the cosmos. This will beautifully lead us into the Pisces Full Moon which falls on September 1st.