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Woke up from a nap Today at 4:44pm , I received a text from my daughter , she said that my little cousin chance passed away. Immediately after , it started to storm …and I had to try to get to my family ; in the mist of chaos . This takes me back to the visit I had 2 1/2 months ago , when my grandmother told me to listen for her in the thunder . It stormed so bad , trees were leaning …just like the morning I got the news that she passed away. I had the same sick feeling in my gut . I’m still in shock because he was just a baby, life is too short and so unfair. My grandmother may be gone but she still has her way of letting us know that it’s ok, … she let us know that he’s with her now. We don’t have to worry. Chance was born with a rare skin condition . 80% covered (body cast)!He was a true fighter . Very very happy baby. In and out of the hospital all of the time but he still fought! My heart hurts for my cousin and his wife… chance was their world. I couldn’t imagine the pain they’re feeling . I know what I feel but nothing can match losing a child . We’ll love you forever, & always Chance. You’re resting in great arms. Take your rest.

Between the hours of 4 and 5 a.m. , is when I have “visits” from my loved ones who’ve passed over . To me it’s like a mother who has finally calmed an infant that has been crying hysterically. It’s been over a month since we lost our grandmother . For some weeks now I have been screaming to the top of my lungs, inside of my head, and tears would roll down my checks when I’m alone. I’m grateful for visits because they help me to continue on with life. The visit was “short and sweet”. That’s appropriate for her because my grandmother was very short (5”2) and her nickname was “sweet”. My grandmother was a blessed woman . She had numerous heart attacks during her lifetime & that didn’t stop her .I want go too deep into details about the visit her on my blog but I will say I am so grateful that i had the opportunity to do her hair again . 🙂 I’m so grateful that I was able to see her move around in the kitchen (cooking) again. She said that she thinks about leaving us behind sometimes (especially my mom) and it makes her sad, but this was all necessary;”everything is going to be alright” . She told me to listen for her in the “thunder”, which was amazing because before I received the news she had passed on June 22nd , with a sick gut feeling in Houston Tx , starring out the window , I had never experienced a thunderstorm like that , it was complete chaos , yet she didn’t suffer , she just slept away peacefully. I will always look for her , listen for her in the “thunder”, That’s where I will find comfort and strength I need to go on. She prepared us for this many years ago , telling us about her visions and dreams . I can recall her telling us about a storm . I remember her talking about the song that was playing throughout her vision as she slept , “The Storm Is Almost Gone” – Dorothy Norwood . We were thinking it was a vision of the catastrophic Katrina Hitting New Orleans a year or two later …but I know now that wasn’t it . She was getting us ready for her departure. It all makes sense now . 💓 sleep on sweet . We are listening , and the family will all see you again .


My dream …Allen appeared to me in the body of someone close to me but spoke to me with his own voice. He gave me the best gifts with meaningful messages …

square handkerchief

If you dream of a handkerchief, a dream promises you a love interest, as well as unforeseen circumstances in your life.

Colored handkerchiefs —blue . you embark on any risky, even questionable cases, but will be able to arrange them in the best way and avoid conviction and his soul-searching;

Brown wool hat

To dream of a fedora hat represents your mood and attitude that is underhanded, accepting of negativity, or enjoying bad habits. You are aware that you are doing something wrong and don’t care about it.

Brown: Brown is an earthy color that we often associate with dirt, stone, and wood. To dream of the color brown often means you need to be “grounded” or need to go back to the origin of a problem. Brown can mean friendliness, trustworthiness, and wholesomeness (think whole grain bread). Since brown is a darker shade of orange, it can also mean a dulled sense of hopefulness and adventure. Light brown or beige can mean neutrality or predictability.


This dream is asking you to create space in your life for writing. A fountain pen indicates the same thing. In this case a fountain is a source, so a fountain pen implies that you are a creative writing source – an inspired writer. A pen enclosure indicates suppression of feelings.

Blue necktie

To see that you take a neck tie as a gift in your dream shows your private life which you will tell to a person whom you are close to and secrets which you will share.

Blue represents truth, wisdom, heaven, eternity, devotion, tranquility, loyalty and openness. Perhaps you are expressing a desire to get away. The presence of this color in your dream may symbolize your spiritual guide and your optimism of the future. You have clarity of mind.

Told me not to cry & to

“Just call me”

sometimes the dreamer is actually being phoned by an archetypal being such as an angel, spirit guide or even God presence. With this scenario, I would interpret this as an answer to a prayer, an intention to connect stronger to the divine or being given a strong message of faith, protection and hope from the source of creation.

Told me to say

“I love you ” & he recorded it on a small pen device that Showed videos & pics| 2x bigger than the pen when turned sideways .

To dream of new technology represents a wish to make your life easier or more efficient. Trying to find a better way to deal with issues or save time. It may also represent new ideas or methods of problem solving.

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