Daily Affirmation đź’«

Today , a fresh start … born anew,

Today is the day. Balanced I am , chakras on point , every step , every direction divinely guided . Seeds are sprouting , my legs are roots , digging deep into Mother Earth. Protected , from my crown to my feet , I will not be defeated. I cannot be moved by negative words , This mind cannot not be tainted by negative thoughts . I am free . Free everyday . Free from bullshit , free from the feeling of being lost , I am found.. . No hurt , just bliss . .. I will succeed because I have succeeded . I will bless others because the universe has always blessed me . Sickness around me will heal , because I AM healed. Haters around me will love , because I AM love. Today , i start fresh, born anew. 🌱💫- Sade

I’m an orange moon

Reflecting the light of the 🌞 – Erykah Badu